Does Your Foundation Need Some TLC?

Our local foundation contractor offers parging services in the Virginia Beach, VA area

Maybe you've noticed cracks and holes in the foundation of your home. Or maybe you just want to boost your curb appeal by making your foundation look smoother. Our local foundation contractor can add a parge coat to your concrete foundation to repair imperfections and give it a clean, smooth appearance.

Create My Lawn offers parging application and repair services in Virginia Beach, VA and surrounding areas. You can count on our local concrete contractor to apply a fresh, smooth parge coat to your foundation and other concrete surfaces on your property.

Strengthen your foundation

Strengthen your foundation

Parge coat is similar to stucco. It's made from cement and other materials and can be applied to brick and concrete walls. Our local concrete contractor uses a quality parge coat that's designed to:

  • Protect your foundation from the elements
  • Repair cracks and other damages
  • Improve the appearance of your foundation

Call 757-800-9482 now to schedule parging services from an experienced local foundation contractor. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate.